James Gottesman - Author

    Second book is out --

     The Search of Grace


                   A story of redemption..................

                   The Search of Grace is a tale that will hold you

                    and not let go -- from the first sentence to the last.

        Reviews from Amazon.....

                   A must read. Grabs you from the start. Heartfelt and gut wrenching!

                   Couldn't put it down, and you won't either!

                   By MS


    First book received incredible reviews --

     The Road Back Isn't Straight

                   Funny, poignant and rich with compelling characters,

                   The Road Back Isn' t Straight is an engrossing tale

                   of deep sorrow and salvation

        Reviews from Amazon.....

                   This story grabs you from the beginning and really makes

                   you care about the characters. I really enjoyed the book!

                   By Fletch

                   This is a page-turner. Dr. Gottesman has a gift for story telling

                   and character development. I am eagerly awaiting his next book.

                   By BK


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